Teacher to Entrepreneur (T2E) Mindset Boot Camp   

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Refill Your Cup

Create simple and sustainable wellness routines, so you can show up for yourself, your family, and your work.

Examine Your Mindset

Explore and challenge your fears, perceptions, biases, and hopes, so you canallow yourself to dream again.

Create The Vision

Identify the parts of teaching you love and answer key questions, so you can create a clear vision your business and life.

In this Bootcamp-Style Course, you will transition from an exhausted, frustrated teacher to an inspired teacher entrepreneur with a unique vision of your life & business as a private practice teacher.


This unique 2-Week Bootcamp is only offered twice a year!

Two-weeks & $47 could change everything!


Steph Paturel

"The Mindset portion of the Jumpstart program was huge for me in order to get into a place of seeing what life could be like and then be able to create something from there.”

Owner of Learn + Roam

Niki Mitchell

"The mindset work we did in Module 1 of Jumpstart was key for me in understanding what I had to offer, how to price that, and really develop a business mindset."

Owner of Brain Boost Academy

Pilar Vanderstelt

"My favorite part of the Mindset Module was the lesson on Money Mindset. I found it very interesting the ideas and biases I had around money. I never thought of it that way before."

Owner of The Spanish Learning Nook

Hi, I'm Rachel! 

Hi, I'm Rachel, the founder of MyFrenchU and The Private Practice Teacher®. I'm very excited to share with you my brand new Teacher to Entrepreneur (T2E) Bootcamp.

Teaching has always been my passion, and I know firsthand the challenges that teachers face. That's why I created this Bootcamp – to help educators like you heal your burn out and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, so you can get excited about the very real opportunities our profession holds.

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