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Can you relate to the following?

  • Still LOVE teaching but not the rest of it?
  • Working long hours just to feel exhausted and depleted? 
  • Having a hard time balancing your career and home life? 

This is for you if you’re ready to:

Fall in love with teaching again. 

Have the freedom to do teach in the way you know it should be done.

Enjoy a better work/life balance.

Be yourself fully as a teacher & a person. I want you to have time for the things that matter to you. 

Chose when, where, & how you work.

Set your own schedule & boundaries allowing for productivity, efficiency, and FUN.

My 90-day Jumpstart Program covers it all

You want to make the leap from teacher to independent educator and create a thriving, sustainable business. But where do you start? How do you teach yourself entrepreneurship 101?

The transition from working for someone else to being in business for yourself can be difficult and full of challenges - especially when you have no idea where to start.

The Private Practice Teacher Mentorship & Membership programs were created to help educators take their profession into their own hands.

I walk you through the necessary steps of creating a successful private teaching business in an inspiring and empowering way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what’s included in these programs:

Three modules. Each module includes 4 video lessons and downloadable resources.

Mindset Transition

Building Your Business

Open For Business

Transition from a teacher to a teacher/entrepreneur & understand the value of what you offer.

Create your business model, analyze competitors, establish sustainable systems, & develop a marketing strategy.

Handle sales calls, student onboarding, registering your business, accounting & time management systems.

In the Jumpstart you also get:

Live group & 1:1 coaching every week AND we are available to answer your questions & support you along the way through our FB community, SLACK, and via email.

I created the Private Practice Teacher in order to help other teachers create their own joyful & sustainable teaching practice working for themselves!

If you'd like to chat before submitting your application, I invite you to book a free 15-minute call with me.


Start & Grow Your Teaching Business

Create a profitable teaching business that allows you to generate a sustainable income, time freedom, and a safe learning environment for students to explore.

  • Learn how to create a sustainable and fulfilling teaching business
  • Master the entrepreneurship mindset you need to propel your business forward
  • Increase your earning potential and overall teaching impact

Introducing my 90-Day Jumpstart Mentor Program & DIY Teacher Membership Program

In these programs, I walk you through the steps of creating a sustainable, joyful teaching business and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Designed for Student-Centered educators looking to control their earning potential, create impact, and teach in a way that is aligned their values.

If you'd like to chat before applying, I invite you to book a free 15-minute call with me.