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Teachers deserve to have the autonomy to practice their profession in a manner that is consistent with why they chose teaching in the first place.

~ Rachel Cicioni


Hi, I'm Rachel Cicioni.


Founder of 



The Private Practice Teacher¬ģ¬†

This is my Story


I moved around a lot as a child, living in 3 different states, and attending 8 different schools in 7 different districts. I attended schools in areas that were low-income, high-income, rural, urban, and everything in between. One of the few things that was consistent in my life was a great teacher. No matter where I found myself, I always had at least one great teacher who helped me feel wanted and safe. That's why I've wanted to be a teacher ever since I can remember. 

For me, a teacher is much more than a content delivery specialist. A teacher is a mentor, a resource for their students to help them thrive, see their own potential, & help them achieve their goals. Sadly, current education systems make that kind of teaching harder and harder to accomplish - especially if your life has demands outside of the classroom.

Finally COVID made it impossible for me to manage the demands of both school-life & home-life. I made the heart-breaking decision to leave teaching, BUT I missed it so much! That's when I decided to try to create my own private teaching business & MyFrenchU was born. 

Now, with The Private Practice Teacher ¬ģ, I‚Äôve turned my teacher entrepreneur journey into a step-by-step mentorship program¬†for innovative, passionate, student-centered teachers who want to do what I do and start enjoying life like never before.

Guest Interviews & Article Features

Podcast Feature

Interview with¬†Rachel Cicioni M.Ed,¬†who is a certified French teacher who has taught in a k-12 classroom, and now is running her own business called "My French U + The Private Practice Teacher."¬ģ Rachel came into teaching as a second career, and with the struggles of how her school handled the pandemic and lack of support she made the difficult decision to transition out of the classroom and start her own business. She is the ultimate teacher advocate, and wants to see teachers treated and paid as talented professionals. She is flipping education on its head and sees an opportunity for teachers to be their own entrepreneurs. Rachel is talented, savvy, dedicated, and has the drive to change the system. Bravo!¬†


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Journal Article

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in education but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with¬†Rachel Cicioni, Founder of¬†MyFrenchU by The Private Practice Teacher¬ģ, located in Lancaster, PA, USA.


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Podcast Feature

How does a French teacher end up on Spanish American public radio? Because a former student asked me to, of course!

In this episode, Mariana Duran and Rachel Cicioni discuss and reflect on a topic of interest to the younger generation: Respect for women, no matter how they dress.

This topic goes so much deeper than respect. We talk about respect, safety, consent, fashion, age, social expectations and norms for men versus women, unspoken rules, "asking for it", social media, and the very real fears of everyday life.

We also discuss the various roles of parents, peers, teachers, schools, and society when it comes to educating young people on these issues.

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