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The Heartbreak of Leaving the Classroom

May 02, 2023
Leaving the classroom, heart-breaking decision


I wish people understood how heartbreaking the decision to leave the classroom really is. All I ever really wanted to be was a teacher. The decision to leave was one that I labored over for years. I LOVED my students, coworkers, & the beautiful little corner of the world we created. BUT I couldn’t handle the micromanagement, increasing tasks, lack of respect, support, and flat-out hostility of my admin. Eventually, the dread I experienced walking into the building became insurmountable.


Ultimately I left because my family deserved a better, healthier, happier version of me. But it was 2020 and times were very uncertain. I  needed to earn something AND be able to get our girls on & off the bus. - At least until I figured out my next move.


I took a job as a classroom aide where I could help students & teachers - but also leave work at work. The pay was crap, but I loved it and was happier.


Then the unexpected happened- I was asked to teach a couple students privately, and the parents would pay me directly. I enjoyed it and was good at it, so I made a few posts letting people know I was available. I got a couple more students - then a couple more. Before long, I had to leave my aide position in order to take on more students.


Now I only teach privately. I love my students, families, AND the respect, flexibility, & autonomy I have. I miss my beautiful classroom, but I love my life now.


All this to say, the classroom is not the only place to impact students.


Best wishes to you all, especially if you're figuring out your next steps.