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Why You Need to Connect with Your Summer Self Year Round

leaving the classroom teacher entrepreneur teacher life teacher self-care work/life balance Jan 18, 2024


In the hustle and bustle of teaching, whether in a traditional classroom or as a self-employed private practice teacher, it's easy to find ourselves caught in the web of All or Nothing. We oscillate between periods of all-consuming work and moments of indulgent relaxation, both of which, in the long run, can lead to burnout or boredom. The truth is, neither extreme is sustainable, and as educators, it's crucial to strike a balance that ensures our well-being and longevity in our chosen profession.

Burnout is a looming danger, regardless of our teaching setting. Whether we're managing a classroom or navigating the challenges of a private teaching business, the risk of burning out is real. It's a state where the demands and pressures of our work surpass our capacity to cope, resulting in physical and emotional exhaustion. It's a pitfall we must be vigilant about, recognizing the signs and proactively addressing them.

One fundamental principle often overlooked in the pursuit of professional success is the importance of boundaries. As teachers, we are adept at setting boundaries for our students, but extending that skill to ourselves is equally crucial. However, let's take a more delightful approach to self-care – let's spoil ourselves a little every day. Not with expensive treats or indulgent meals, but by tapping into the love languages and rediscovering what brings joy to our Summer Selves.

Consider what activities spark joy during the summertime – those moments when you feel most alive and connected. Whether it's a simple walk in nature, a creative endeavor, or spending quality time with loved ones, these are the things that nourish our souls. The key is to carve out just 10-20 minutes each day to indulge in activities that resonate with our Summer Selves. It's about finding balance and intent, creating a daily ritual that rejuvenates our spirit.

Distinguishing between burnout and exhaustion is crucial. While burnout is a state of chronic depletion resulting from prolonged stress, exhaustion is a temporary state that can be remedied with rest. Engaging in activities that spark joy serves as a powerful antidote to both. When we prioritize our well-being and infuse our days with moments of happiness, we find ourselves recharged and better equipped to tackle even the less joyful aspects of our work.

So, dear teachers, let's commit to spoiling ourselves a little every day – not as a luxury but as a necessity. By embracing a balanced approach to work and play, we not only safeguard ourselves from burnout but also cultivate the energy and resilience needed to thrive in our teaching endeavors. Here's to nurturing our inner teachers beyond the classroom and ensuring a fulfilling journey in education.

Best wishes always! 💕


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