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What are your task avoidance behaviors trying to tell you?

Feb 09, 2024
Task Avoidance, Professional Growth


Are you finding yourself constantly sidetracked by tasks that seem urgent but are ultimately unproductive? As a self-employed teacher, I understand the struggle of managing your own business while trying to stay focused on important goals. Let's delve into a recent realization I had and how it might resonate with your own journey.

Last week, with a looming deadline for a presentation proposal, I caught myself engaging in a classic task avoidance behavior: productive procrastination. Instead of tackling the proposal head-on, I found myself engrossed in mundane tasks like transferring events between planners. Sound familiar?

It was a wake-up call. I had to confront the root cause of my avoidance. Was it self-doubt? Fear of failure? Uncertainty about my abilities? As I dissected my thoughts, I realized that none of these reasons held true. I am qualified, experienced, and fully capable of delivering the presentation. So why the hesitation?

The answer was fear. Fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, fear of the unknown, fear of failure despite ample evidence of success in my teaching career. Recognizing this allowed me to push past the paralysis and submit my proposal before the deadline.

If you're experiencing similar challenges, know that you're not alone. Self-reflection is key to understanding and overcoming task avoidance behaviors. Remember, growth happens outside of your comfort zone. Embrace the discomfort, trust in your abilities, and go for it! 

Remember ...

Nothing extraordinary ever happens by staying in your comfort zone.

Best wishes always,