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Life as a self-employed teacher: 6 things I do, 6 things I don't, & 2 things I miss

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Teach from anywhere


As a self-employed teacher, I still get to do most of my favorite teacher things. There are also a couple of things I never had while working for a school or anyone else that I’m not sure I’m willing to give up.


Here are 6 things I LOVE about being a self-employed, private practice teacher:

  1. Help my students achieve their unique learning goal 

  2. Design engaging lessons customized to my learner's needs and interests 

  3. Enjoy positive relationships with my students and families 

  4. Make my own schedule (this one might be my favorite 🤫)

  5. Choose who I work with 

  6. Decide how much I get paid


Here are 6 things I LOVE that I don't do as a self-employed, private practice teacher: 

  1. Sub plans 

  2. Go to work when I or my children are sick 

  3. Turn in lesson plans or grades 

  4. Work nights or weekends 

  5. Attend meetings or PD that are not useful to me or my students 

  6. No other duties. I only do what I believe is in the best interests of my learners. 

  7. Threats of violence, active shooter drills, bomb threats


Finally, here are the only 2 things I miss from my time teaching in a school:

  1. The unscripted moments with my classes. I miss our inside jokes and celebrating milestones like prom, getting their licenses, championship wins, musical performances, etc. 

  2. I also miss the way so many personalities can come together to make a special and unique community both within the classroom and the school itself. 

I know you know that every choice has pros and cons. For me, at this time in my and my family's life, being a self-employed teacher provides me the time and financial freedom I need to enjoy a career I love AND have energy for the rest of my life too.


Best wishes always,


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