Price varies based on client's individual needs. ** Payment processed outside of Kajabi & after program acceptance

90 Day Jumpstart Program

Congratulations!! 🎉 You're almost only 90 days away from having your own private teaching business. 

This course includes 3 modules. Each Module includes 4 video lessons and downloadable resources.

  • Mindset: transition from a teacher to a teacher/entrepreneur & understand the value of what you offer
  • Constructing Your Business: create your business model, analyze competitors, establish sustainable systems, & develop a marketing strategy 
  • Open For Business: handle sales calls, student onboarding, registering your business, & selling your resources online 

PLUS: Live group and 1:1 coaching every week on Mondays & Thursdays. AND we are available to answer your questions and support you along the way through our FB community and via email.